In 2021, we expect to invest about 6% of sales in property, plant and equipment. About 45% of the capital expenditure planned will be invested at Fresenius Medical Care, about 23% at Fresenius Kabi, and around 26% at Fresenius Helios. At Fresenius Medical Care, investments will primarily be used for the expansion of production capacity, optimizing production costs, and the establishment of new dialysis clinics.

Fresenius Kabi will primarily invest in expanding and maintaining production facilities, as well as in introducing new manufacturing technologies. At Fresenius Helios, we will primarily invest in the new buildings, in the modernizing and equipping of existing hospitals, and newly acquired hospitals.

With a share of around 65%, Europe is the regional focus of investment in the planning period. Around 26% of the investments are planned for North America and around 9% for Asia, Latin America and Africa. About 35% of total funds will be invested in Germany.

We assume that the return on operating assets (ROOAROOA (Return on Operating Assets)Calculated as the ratio of EBIT to operating assets (average). Operating assets = total assets - deferred tax assets - trade accounts payable - cash held in trust - payments received on account - approved subsidies.) will decrease by 50 to 100 basis points compared to the level of 2020 (2020: 7.3%) and the return on invested capital (ROICROIC (Return on Invested Capital)Calculated by: (EBIT - taxes) / Invested capital. Invested capital = total assets + accumulated amortization of goodwill - deferred tax assets - cash and cash equivalents - trade accounts payable - accruals (without pension accruals) - other liabilities not bearing interest.) will decrease by 40 to 70 basis points compared to the level of 2020 (2020: 6.5%).

Liquidity and capital management

Capital structure