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Sustainability is deeply embedded in our thinking and our actions – at all levels of our company. Since Fresenius was established more than a century ago, our business model has been focused on the well-being of our patients. Social responsibility is reflected not only in our commitment to ever better medicine for ever more people, but in our ambition to be a reliable partner for healthcare systems worldwide and a good employer to more than 300,000 people. To act in an environmentally sustainable way we use natural resources as carefully as possible. Our economic sustainability is demonstrated by our continued success and our long-term growth strategy.

Now we want to embed sustainability even more deeply as an integral part of our company and our business strategy. That is why we established the Group Sustainability Board, our highest sustainability body. There, the Management Board and experts from the business segments and different departments work together to further develop sustainability across the Fresenius Group. Going forward, we will substantiate our non-financial targets and continuously develop our strategy in relation to environmental and social issues. Also, to document our commitment to sustainable corporate governance even more clearly, we are adapting our Management Board compensation system: In future, it will take into account sustainability targets relating to environmental, social and governance aspects, in addition to key financial indicators.

» Sustainability is deeply embedded in our thinking and our actions – at all levels of our company. «

To strategically develop our sustainability management, in 2020 we conducted a comprehensive materiality analysis to identify social, environmental and economic issues that are important to Fresenius and to you – our stakeholders. Our core business is closely linked to the lives and health of people around the world. It contributes in many ways to the United Nations' global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Therefore, we committed to the SDGs in 2020 and analyzed our impact on them. We achieve a further milestone toward improved transparency with this online Sustainability Report: For the first time, we are systematically reporting in accordance with the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Alongside the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change remains a global threat to us all. At Fresenius, we believe we have a duty to adapt to the effects of climate change and to mitigate its potential impact. Our effort is independently recognized: At the end of 2020, CDP ranked our commitment in the second-highest category (B) of its climate ranking. We have also improved our ESG ratings from MSCI and S&P.

To ensure that we continue to meet our long-term responsibility in society and provide the best possible care for our patients, we have promoted the further development and diversity of our employees, driven forward digitalization, and further increased our company's innovative capabilities. We have also worked to protect human rights along our supply chain, and to protect the environment. This Sustainability Report shows impressively and concretely what we have achieved together.

I wish you interesting and informative reading.

With kind regards,

Stephan Sturm

Chairman of the Management Board

Sustainability Report

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