Doing the right thing

For us, compliance means more than acting in accordance with laws and regulations. Compliance means doing the right thing.

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This means: we adhere to all rules, including legal requirements, internal guidelines, our commitments, and ethical principles. Compliance is an integral part of our corporate culture and our daily work. Our Fresenius Code of Conduct defines the framework of our rules. All Fresenius business segments have implemented Codes of Conduct. They cover the specifics of their businesses and reflect the values of the Fresenius Code of Conduct. Underlying guidelines, instructions, and process descriptions complement and specify the rules of the Code of Conduct. Our Compliance Management Systems are designed to achieve the implementation of these rules within the company.

We take even possible misconduct seriously. Any illegal actions or violations of the rules may harm the individual and Fresenius. We do not tolerate non-compliance. If a violation of applicable regulations is detected, we will take the necessary actions to remediate the violation and prevent any recurrence. We also take all reports as an opportunity to review our company processes for possible improvements.

Compliance Management Systems

We have implemented risk-based Compliance Management Systems in all our business segments and at Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA’s corporate level. They comprise three pillars: Prevent, Detect, and Respond. Emphasis is placed on preventing any acts of non-compliance before they occur. Such systems consider the markets Fresenius is operating in. They are tailored to the specific requirements of each business segment.

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For more information about our Compliance Management Systems see the Non-financial Report and