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In 2023, the cost of raw materials and supplies and of purchased components and services was €6,583 million (2022: €6,066 million). An efficient value chain is important for our profitability. In an environment characterized by ongoing cost-containment pressure from health insurers, as well as price pressure, security and quality of supply play an important role. Within each business segment of the Fresenius Group, procurement processes are coordinated centrally, enabling us to bundle similar requirements, negotiate global framework agreements, constantly monitor market and price trends, and ensure the safety and quality of materials.

Cost of materials and supplies and purchased components

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€ in millions 2023 2022
Cost of raw materials and supplies 5,149 4,568
Cost of purchased components and services 1,434 1,498
Total 6,583 6,066

cost of material by business segment

1 Before consolidation

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