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Assessment of the overall risk situation

The established risk management and internal control system is fundamental for assessing the overall risk position of the Fresenius Group. Potential risks for Fresenius include factors beyond our direct control. These also include the macroeconomic development, which we constantly monitor. They also include factors immediately within our control, such as operating risks, which we anticipate at as early a stage as possible and to which we react with appropriate countermeasures, as required.

In synopsis, there are currently no recognizable risks that appear to present a long-term and significant threat to the Fresenius Group’s business, financial position, and operational result.

We have created organizational structures that provide all the conditions needed to rapidly alert us to possible risk situations and enable us to take suitable countermeasures.

Risks affecting the one-year forecast period

The chart besides shows the significant risks that could lead to deviations from the expected business performance within the one-year forecast period.

Based on our quantitative analysis, risks relating to upcoming legal and regulatory requirements with regard to human rights and sustainability.

In addition, the potential effect of risks regarding global economic conditions, reimbursement rates and prices and currencies and interest rates has been increased. The potential effect of IT and cybersecurity risks and risks with regard to pandemics decreased.

Risks affecting the one-year forecast period