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GRI 3-3

The ambition to provide access to healthcare for as many people as possible worldwide and to continuously improve it is pursued by us with our social commitment. The Fresenius Group supports various regional or local initiatives that represent the interests of kidney patients. This includes emergency aid in crisis situations, e. g., through donations of dialysisDialysisForm ​of ​renal ​replacement ​therapy ​where ​a ​semipermeable ​membrane ​– ​in ​peritoneal ​dialysis ​the ​peritoneum ​of ​the ​patient, ​in ​hemo­ ​dialysis ​the ​membrane ​of ​the ​dialyzer ​– ​is ​used ​to ​clean ​a ​patient’s ​blood. machines and medical supplies, as well as with long-term measures such as Kidney Kid, an initiative to educate children about kidney health at an early age.

In the U.S. Fresenius Kabi has a more than 10-year relationship with Americares. The business segment helps the non-profit organization support people impacted by poverty or disaster build better lives through better health. It does this through financial support and in-kind (product) donations for missions in both the U.S. and internationally. Further, Fresenius Kabi participated in charitable activities such as events to raise awareness for good causes, e. g., breast cancer.

Fresenius Vamed provides digital telemedical healthcare in the context of its social commitment. As part of an EU-funded project, the business segment in Austria provides specially trained community nurses in social areas with a technological platform including telemedical functionalities. In Austria, community nurses offer their care services close to home and are deployed for a special target group, e. g. elderly people still living at home or people with mental illnesses. For more information on this digital health network management, please refer to the Digital transformation and innovation chapter.