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GRI 2-26, 401/3-3

In 2022, a Group-wide employee survey was carried out for the first time, in which all business segments took part. Details can be found in the Progress and measures in 2022 section.

Fresenius Medical Care strives to give every employee the opportunity to provide feedback and engage openly and directly with the company. In 2022, Fresenius Medical Care developed a global policy that lays out the approach for systematically conducting engagement surveys and responding to the results. Furthermore, the business segment conducted its third global engagement survey in the reporting year. Fresenius Medical Care uses these surveys to identify strengths, as well as opportunities to improve the working environment. The employee engagement score is based on three aspects: how many employees would speak positively about Fresenius Medical Care, how many intend to stay with Fresenius Medical Care, and how many feel motivated to perform at Fresenius Medical Care.

Fresenius Kabi attaches great importance to dialog with employees across hierarchical levels. The business segment mainly conducted dialog and feedback formats online in 2022. To support dialog between management and employees, Fresenius Kabi published video messages from the CEO on relevant topics on the global intranet, for example. In addition, digital formats as well as on-site meetings fostered the exchange between the CEO of Fresenius Kabi and top executives.

For the second time, Fresenius Kabi conducted a global employee survey in 2022. The business segment also uses regional employee surveys to sustainably increase employee satisfaction, gain valuable insights into business processes, and increase loyalty to the business segment.

The business segment uses an IT-based annual talent review for dialog and feedback on performance, competencies, and development potential for upper management levels. It also serves to strengthen the exchange between employees and their superiors on the individual development planning. On this basis, Fresenius Kabi identifies, evaluates, and develops executives and the management board areas worldwide. In addition, for example, all employees in the United States participate in performance appraisals and set targets together with their supervisor. The set targets are evaluated mid-year as well as annually.

The clinics of Fresenius Helios offer appraisal interviews to employees. From these, the superiors obtain important information for future engagement as well as for individual further and advanced training planning. The divisions also conduct employee surveys. The findings of these are inten­ded in particular to strengthen employee loyalty and reduce staff turnover. In Spain, employees can also enter into a structured dialog with their superiors by means of a feedback program.

In the other divisions of Fresenius Helios, no central guidelines have been implemented for the design of the employee dialog.

Appraisal interviews are an essential part of Fresenius Vamed’s management culture. In addition to essential insights and measures for further successful cooperation, the necessary training and further education requirements also result from the detailed discussions. These are summarized in a training plan, on the basis of which the corresponding training and continuing education program is drawn up. This ranges from specialist training in the healthcare sector and personality-building seminars to customized language training and IT seminars.

The appraisal interview offers managers and employees at Fresenius Corporate a further opportunity for constructive exchange based on a structured process. The employees hold a feedback discussion together with a manager. The assessment of defined key competencies provides the basis for this discussion. In addition, non-tariff employees agree their annual targets as part of the appraisal interview and carry out the associated assessment of the target achviement.