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GRI 3-3

The Fresenius Group conducts training activities for ­numerous stakeholders to accompany its existing portfolio of healthcare services and healthcare products.

Patients are informed as part of their treatment or therapy on how they can positively contribute to its success, for example, by changing their diet, balancing exercise, or supporting mental well-being.

Healthcare professionals are supported by training courses offered and information materials provided. Fresenius Kabi offers, for example, KabiCare®, a comprehensive patient support program aimed at patients and healthcare professionals alike. It was specially developed to support people living with a chronic inflammatory disease who are being treated with a biosimilar product from Fresenius Kabi. The program includes tailored information for patients about autoimmune diseases and the biosimilar medicine. In addition, training material, coaching tools, nutrition information, and practical tips provide healthcare ­professionals with sufficient impetus to support their patients in living with their chronic diseases.

Fresenius Kabi supported again the International Alliance of Patient Organizations for Chronic Intestinal Failure and Home Artificial Nutrition (PACIFHAN), which federates patient organizations in 10 countries around the world, in 2022 with the objective of raising awareness of home artificial nutrition and sharing experiences from patients around the world living with artificial nutrition. PACIFHAN promotes the World Home Artificial Nutrition Day every year in October.

For employees, Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA and its business segments offer various occupational health management programs. Further details can be found starting in the Occupational health and safety chapter.