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GRI 3-3

Every year we assume responsibility for the well-being of millions of patients. We offer lifesaving and life-sustaining products and therapies. In their development, we consider different social and regulatory requirements and adapt them to different healthcare systems. This enables us to meet the growing global demand for innovative and high-quality therapies. Numerous national and international research projects and studies are carried out in our business segm­ents. In this way, we investigate and develop new treatment standards, improve current standards, for example by studying side effects by biological sex or age group as well as pharmaceuticals, and facilitate best practice exchange of our healthcare professionals. Further, in our hospitals in Spain and Germany, various approval studies for pharmaceuticals are conducted. We report in detail on our clinical study management in the Digital transformation and innovation chapter.

Our products are often used to treat people who are suffering from serious or chronic diseases. Our task is to ensure the safety and quality of our products and services and to meet the highest safety and quality standards for all processes and therapies. Information on our healthcare markets can be found in the Healthcare industry section of the Group Management Report 2022.

Our range of products and services includes a comprehensive network of hospitals, modern dialysisDialysisForm ​of ​renal ​replacement ​therapy ​where ​a ​semipermeable ​membrane ​– ​in ​peritoneal ​dialysis ​the ​peritoneum ​of ​the ​patient, ​in ​hemo­ ​dialysis ​the ​membrane ​of ​the ​dialyzer ​– ​is ​used ​to ​clean ​a ​patient’s ​blood. procedures and post-acute care – such as rehabilitation – and high-quality drugs and medical products. Our portfolio also includes digital health services, advanced therapies, and the expansion of primary care in emerging and developing countries. The main focus is on the quality of our products and the medical care we provide our patients.

Reporting the chapter Access to healthcare and medicine covers the following aspects: