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GRI 403/3-3, 403-3, 403-6

Fresenius Kabi is committed to the health of its employees worldwide. In addition to comprehensive occupational health and safety measures, the business segment has developed further measures for health promotion. It relies on decentralized offerings, which it tailors as precisely as possible to the needs of its employees.

Staff in the region North America, for example, can take advantage of a health promotion program that also includes their dependents. It comprises offers to promote and maintain general fitness, as well as more specific topics such as skeletal-muscular pain, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Employees also have access to counseling services.

At the site in Haina in the Dominican Republic, the business segment offers its employees, for example, the opportunity to undergo an annual health evaluation. Employees can also take part in programs on ergonomics and well-being in the workplace, and are regularly informed of preventive healthcare activities, e. g., to raise breast cancer awareness.

Helios Germany offers its employees activities to promote good occupational health – this includes offering employees use of the company’s own fitness studios, and providing back-health courses and team events such as Rowing Against Cancer or company runs. The programs also cover topics such as healthy nutrition, relaxation techniques, and healthy sleep. The Helios PlusCard is a comprehensive supplementary insurance policy for all employees working for Fresenius Helios. It is also part of the company’s occupational health management system. If necessary, employees can consult the company doctors or in-house psychologists at any time. Therapy measures can be arranged at short notice via the existing external network. In addition, team-building measures and regular team meetings take place. In addition, employees are involved in internal decisions and processes for the promotion of mental health.

The division in Spain conducts occupational health examinations, the protocols of which are supplemented by tests; these are intended to help employees better assess their state of health. In 2021, Helios Spain also launched the Contigo project, one aim of which is to promote a healthy corporate culture through high-impact projects that can be extended to the entire organization. It also aims to raise awareness among professionals of the importance and necessity of taking care of their own health, both at work and in their private lives. All of this helps to retain talent and reduce absenteeism due to common illnesses. Other, smaller health promotion projects are also running under the Contigo umbrella, e. g., for access to the digital hospital. Employees also have access to the company university (Universidad Corporativa); they can also sign up for weekly digital courses and workshops for greater well-being in the areas of exercise, nutrition, and mental health. In addition, there is the offer of anonymous psychological treatment.

Fresenius Vamed offers its employees occupational healthcare and health examinations at the company on an individual basis. Health management includes, for example, company doctors, occupational psychologists, vaccination programs, preventive examinations, workplace visits, and assessment of possible psychological stress. Health facilities in Germany sometimes offer community sports and their own sports equipment, and sites with canteens also promote healthy eating.

In addition, employees in Austria can take advantage of occupational health programs through the club lebenszeit health management system. In addition to sporting events to take part in, these include health lectures and personal consultations on nutrition, exercise and mental well-being, as well as a diverse health newsletter. There are also team workshops, management consultations, ergonomics training and health check-ups such as muscle function, stress and blood sugar tests. Programs are also offered on addiction prevention and smoking cessation, among other things.

Fresenius Vamed continuously evaluates the company measures to maintain and promote the health of its employees. The offer is adapted to the needs of the employees and revised if necessary.