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GRI 3-3

The Fresenius Group diligently works on expanding its competencies and developing new areas of business in order to offer digital solutions to the challenges faced by the healthcare sector.

The business segments take different, segment-specific, approaches to the area of digitalization and innovation. In the care of critically ill patients, the demands on treatment success are becoming ever higher. The demand for effective therapies together with intelligent medical applications and devices will rise steadily.

Fresenius Medical Care has set a focus area on expanding access to and improving of transplant medicine processes. The business segment’s Head of Transplant Medicine leads the worldwide efforts to achieve these goals. The Fresenius Medical Care Foundation collaborates with several leading organizations to raise awareness and provide support to people living with kidney disease.

Fresenius Kabi aims to position itself as the preferred contact for physicians and nursing staff in the care of critically and chronically ill patients. Accordingly, Fresenius Kabi’s digital transformation is consistently geared toward creating customer- and market-relevant differentiation for the business segment. Specifically, this means on the one hand increasingly offering customers digital services for focused support along the patient's treatment path, and on the other hand improving and accelerating internal processes through digitalization in order to be able to provide customers with the best possible products and services at all times.

We assess the level of digitalization at the German Helios clinics based on the internationally used Electronic Medical Records Adoption Model (EMRAM) Score. Over the past six years, Helios Spain’s Corporate Quality department has set corporate targets for all hospitals – including in digitalization. Each hospital implements these targets and assesses the extent to which the targets are achieved. The results are submitted to the Helios Spain steering committee.

Fresenius Vamed manages digitalization and innovation ambitions as part of its Vamed strategy.