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From fiscal year 2023, the qualitative measurement of fiscal years 2021 and 2022 will be replaced by quantitative ESG KPIs in the short-term variable Management Board remuneration (Short-term Incentive - STI). The KPIs cover the key sustainability topics of medical quality / patient satisfaction and employees.

The topic of employees is measured with the key figure of the Employee Engagement IndexEmployee-Engagement Index (EEI)The ​Employee ​Engagement ​Index ​measures ​how ​positively ​employees ​identify ​with ​their ​employer, ​how ​committed ​they ​feel, ​and ​how ​engaged ​they ​are ​at ​work. ​The ​key ​figure ​can ​be ​reported ​in ​relation ​to ​a ​business ​segment ​or ​for ​the ​entire ​Group. ​ (EEI) for the Fresenius Group. Fresenius is aiming for an EEI of 4.33 for the fiscal year 2023 (corresponds to 100% target achievement).

The Medical Quality / Patient Satisfaction topic is composed of four equally weighted key figures that are defined at the business segment level. The four indicators are based on the respective relevance for the business model.

Fresenius Medical Care aims for a patient Net Promoter ScoreNet Promoter Score (NPS)The ​Net ​Promoter ​Score ​is ​designed ​to ​ensure ​that ​Fresenius ​Medical ​Care ​maintains ​excellent ​patient ​relationships ​and ​that ​the ​patient ​voice ​is ​used ​to ​provide ​strategic ​insights ​to ​improve ​patient ​relationships. ​Improving ​the ​Net ​Promoter ​Score ​leads ​to ​better ​service, ​higher ​quality ​of ​care, ​improved ​quality ​of ​life ​and ​loyalty ​to ​remain ​with ​Fresenius ​Medical ​Care ​as ​the ​provider ​of ​choice. ​ (NPS) of at least 70 (100% target achievement).

Fresenius Kabi aims for an Audit & Inspection ScoreAudit & Inspection ScoreThe ​Audit ​& ​Inspection ​Score ​at ​Fresenius ​Kabi ​is ​based ​on ​the ​number ​of ​critical ​and ​serious ​non-conformances ​from ​regulatory ​GMP ​inspections ​and ​the ​number ​of ​serious ​non-conformances ​from ​TÜV ​ISO ​9001 ​audits ​in ​relation ​to ​the ​total ​number ​of ​inspections ​and ​audits ​performed. ​The ​score ​shows ​how ​many ​deviations ​were ​identified ​on ​average ​during ​the ​inspections ​and ​audits ​considered. ​ of at most 2.3 (100% target achievement).

Helios Germany aims to achieve an Inpatient Quality IndicatorInpatient Quality IndicatorThe ​Inpatient ​Quality ​Indicator ​at ​Fresenius ​Helios ​comprises ​the ​measurement ​of ​a ​set ​of ​standardized ​¬German ​inpatient ​quality ​indicators ​(G-IQI). ​These ​are ​based ​on ​routinely ​collected ​hospital ​billing ​data ​from ​hospital ​information ​systems. ​The ​number ​of ​indicators ​achieved ​compared ​to ​the ​total ​number ​of ​indicators ​is ​calculated ​to ​measure ​the ​overall ​success ​rate. ​There ​is ​individual ​target ​setting ​and ​measurement ​of ​target ​achievement ​in ​the ​two ​Helios ​segments ​Helios ​Germany ​and ​Helios ​Spain. ​Subsequently, ​target ​achievement ​is ​consolidated ​at ​Helios ​company ​level ​with ​equal ​weighting ​(50% ​each) ​for ​Executive ​Board ​compensation. ​ (G-IQI) score of at least 88% (100% target achievement), and Helios Spain aims to achieve a score of at least 55% (100% target achievement).

Fresenius Vamed aims to achieve a patient satisfactionPatient satisfactionFresenius ​Vamed ​measures ​the ​level ​of ​patient ​satisfaction ​in ​the ​VAMED ​healthcare ​facilities ​and ​the ​overall ​patient ​satisfaction ​with ​the ​services ​offered ​in ​the ​VAMED ​healthcare ​facilities. ​Each ​patient ​receives ​a ​questionnaire ​at ​or ​immediately ​after ​discharge, ​which ​contains ​16 ​standardized ​questions ​that ​are ​evaluated ​for ​the ​patient ​satisfaction ​target. ​ score of at least 1.65 (100% target achievement) in fiscal year 2023.