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We expect the consolidation process to continue among competitors in our markets in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. Consequently, we expect that there will be opportunities for us to penetrate new markets, both by expanding our regional presence and by extending our product portfolio.

New markets will open up as Fresenius Medical Care successively rolls out its product and services portfolio, especially in emerging countries. Value-based care models enable Fresenius Medical Care to create medical value while ensuring that care remains affordable. The aim is to build sustainable partnerships with payors worldwide to support the transition from a fee-for-service to a pay-for-performance system. Fresenius Medical Care is committed to aligning its business activities for further sustainable, profitable growth by investing in future growth markets in its product and service businesses. Based on its strategic business planning, Fresenius Medical Care has set a new ambitious target for the expansion of home dialysis: By 2025, the Company aims to perform 25% of all treatments in the U.S. at home.

Fresenius Kabi plans to introduce products already offered outside the United States into that country as well. It also aims to further roll out its product portfolio internationally, especially in the fast-growing markets of Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Market share is to be expanded further through the launch of new products in the field of IV drugs and medical devices for infusion therapy and clinical nutrition. In the biosimilarsBiosimilarsA biosimilar is a drug that is “similar” to another biologic drug already approved. business, we are developing additional products focusing on autoimmune diseases and oncology, which will be introduced to the market over the next few years.

With its broad hospital network across Germany, Fresenius Helios is able to develop new patient care models. In addition, Helios Germany is expanding outpatient and digital services. The increasing number of privately insured patients is opening up opportunities for Helios Spain. Fresenius Helios also sees good opportunities for further international growth in Latin America, among other locations. Furthermore, the activities in the fertility services offer further growth opportunities.

Fresenius Vamed expects both the project and service business to continue to grow due to the need for life cycle and PPPPPP (public-private partnership model)Public-private partnership describes a government service or private business venture that is funded and operated through a partnership of government and one or more private-sector companies. In most cases, PPP accompanies a part-privatization of governmental services. projects. Furthermore, the company intends to expand its position through follow-up contracts with existing customers and to enter new target markets. In addition, Fresenius Vamed plans to further strengthen its leading position as a post-acute care provider in Central Europe.